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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Jefferson Pilot's Life Insurance and annuity companies?

Jefferson Pilot's life insurance and annuity companies, principally Jefferson-Pilot Life Insurance Company, Jefferson Pilot Financial Insurance Company and Jefferson Pilot Life America Insurance Company, together known as Jefferson Pilot Financial, offer full lines of individual and group life insurance products as well as annuity products.

Does Lincoln Financial Group offer Jefferson-Pilot term life insurance?

Note: Lincoln Financial Group and Jefferson Pilot Financial have Merge Term Life America Insurance is proud to offer Jefferson-Pilot Term Life Insurance. Solid resources backed by a combination of innovative products and service beyond expectations.

What is the history of Jefferson-Pilot?

The company became Jefferson-Pilot Corporation in 1968 when a holding company was formed out of Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company, Pilot Life Insurance Co., and Jefferson Standard Broadcasting Co. By 1980 Jefferson-Pilot's assets topped $1 billion.

What happened to Jefferson-Pilot Insurance?

The insurance operations would continue to be headquartered in what became the Lincoln Financial Building. [9] Lincoln Financial also acquired Jefferson-Pilot's television and radio operations, which were renamed Lincoln Financial Media. Jefferson Standard Insurance put WBTV in Charlotte on the air on Channel 3 in 1949.

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