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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose JML mantis scratch remover?

Information Make your car's bodywork look like new with the Mantis Scratch Remover from JML. With this solution you can easily remove scratches giving your car that sparkling showroom finish. It is specially designed to restore and protect any vehicle's paintwork.

What is the scratch solution?

The Scratch Solution is a unique car paint scratch repair system that improves scuffs, scratches, and other paint imperfections, as well as cleaning, polishing and finishing your paintwork to a showroom standard.

What is scratch remover used for?

It eliminates surface scratches, marks and blemishes to give a perfect professional finish and it's safe, non-abrasive formula is ideal for cars, motorcycles, boats, caravans, alloy wheels and much more. The Scratch Remover can also be used on paintwork, metal, laminated wood and plastics for instant, immaculate results.

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