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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the mezzo Utopia different from other JMlab speakers?

Another feature of the Mezzo Utopia, indeed all JMlab speakers, is that the company bucks the usual trend towards multi-wiring, and the Mezzo Utopia manages with just a single pair of WBT input terminals.

What makes the mezzo Utopia so special?

A noteworthy feature of the Mezzo Utopia, third down in the flagship Utopia series, and one of the reasons for the luxury class pricing, is that although at first glance it looks like a large monolithic box, the reality is that it consists of three separate enclosures.

Why choose Focal-JMlab?

French speaker specialist Focal-JMlab is a relatively young company, yet since its inception in 1980 it has grown into one of the leading players on the serious hi-fi scene.

What amp for mezzo JM lab speakers?

I would like to hear the JM Lab Mezzo speakers, on equipment like Mcintosh MC 352 Amp or the Mccormack DNA 2 amp, or a good high end amp thats like 5000 dollars. Midrange, bass and the drivers blended in perfectly.

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