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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a job description on a resume?

A resume is a structured personal document describing the employment history, qualifications and the skills of an individual. Executive or management resumes often includes statements of personal achievements. Resumes are primary sources of information used in job applications to show one's suitability for a position.

Why you should have job descriptions?

Job descriptions can help with the interactive process that such laws require. A job description serves as a starting point for what the employer believes to be the essential job duties. The applicant or employee then must identify which of the listed duties he or she cannot perform.

What is a sample job description?

Sample Job Descriptions. Enabling moves of the career in the company or organisation. Avoiding disputes between employees related to their area of duty. Determination of amount of payment. Increase of results by specifying the responsibilities. Helps by well defining the perimeter of work which in turn contributes to the development of the company.

What is a CV job application?

A CV is typically used in the following scenarios: A job advert specifically requests that applications are made via CV A job advert requests that you apply in writing You wish to make speculative approaches to companies In all three scenarios, you should send the employer your CV together with a covering letter.

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