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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a job offer proposal?

Job Offer Proposal. A Job offer proposal is a document which enlists a candidate’s qualities and assesses his or her suitability for a particular job. They are judged by a panel of the company offering the job and hence they must be written clearly and impressively.

What is employment offer?

Offer of employment is a proposal put forward by an employer to a prospective employee. Generally the offer specifies the terms of an employment arrangement, starting date, salary, benefits, and working conditions.

What is the approval process?

An approval process is the method an organization uses to approve anything from documents, invoices, budgets, and purchase orders, to a new process that a company wants to institute. Implementing an approval process can standardize an organization’s internal processes, and also save time by creating a dependable, repeatable system.

What does provisional job offer mean?

Provisional offer letter is a temporary offer letter and does not offer a confirmed employment. Provisional offer letter can be given basis a specific condition. For e.g only incase if the candidate joins by a specific date.The offer is valid or shall expire and will be invalid.

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