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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a clinical social worker?

To become a licensed clinical social worker, a person must typically have a master's degree in social work or counseling. Upon the completion of a degree program, he or she is often required to work as an intern or assistant for at least two years before he or she can take a licensing examination and work independently.

What is the role of a clinical social worker?

Clinical social workers provide mental health services for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders in individuals, families, and groups. Their goal is to enhance and maintain their patients' physical, psychological, and social function.

What does it mean to be a licensed clinical social worker?

A licensed clinical social worker offers counseling services to those individuals in need. They also act as advocates for disadvantaged individuals, and connect these clients to resources and services that they may benefit from. ... A clinical social worker tries to better the lives of their clients.

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