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Frequently Asked Questions

What is journaling for self-care?

Journaling is a fun and relaxing activity for self-care. You can journal any time for entertainment or to relieve boredom. You can write about anything in your journal. It is a safe and personal space. Writing in a journal is a great way to deal with stress, anxiety, and depression.

What is a book Journal and how to use it?

A travel journal, sure. But a book journal is something that is not very commonly used. Well, for the sake of general curiosity, a book journal or a reading log is a great place wherein you can immediately note your reactions on the book you happen to be reading.

Are electronic journals available in a PDF format?

Note that many electronic journals provided by sources other than HeinOnline, JSTOR, or EBSCO are only available in a text format, not PDF. less...

What is an accounting journal?

Sample Accounting Journal Template An accounting journal is made to record the details of transactions that occur in an organization. If you want to make such a journal for your organization too, then you need to make use of this journal template.

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