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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best jobs in journalism?

There are several career choices and paths in the field of journalism. Experience and education in one lends itself to journalism jobs in related specialties. Examples include: Visual communication. Technical writing. Foreign correspondent. Newspaper reporter. Freelance writer.

What kind of jobs can you get with a journalism degree?

With a bachelor's degree in journalism, newspaper jobs available to you may include news writer, reporter or photojournalist. You might cover general news or specialize in an area like sports, education or fashion. Other options include writing columns or editorials or creating graphics to accompany news articles.

Is journalism a good career path?

Journalism is most definitely a logical and a great option to pursue as a career. For the most part, it’s not all about how strong your communication is, rather about how much knowledge you possess and your SME. Work extensively on developing networks while you’re in your training phases.

What are the different types of journalism jobs?

Live scores, results, trades rumors, statistics and records, and broadcasting: people with different skills can be employed to do a different job in the world of sports journalism. The rest three fields that give rise to three more types of journalism are: arts and culture, education and crime.

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