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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a juggernaut case?

Juggernaut Cases are unparalleled when it comes to unwavering protection. Available for a wide range of devices ensure that the PROTECT mentality is never lost. Designed to help MOUNT the technology of those who SECURE us. Juggernaut.Case mounts are unparalleled when it comes to unwavering protection and security.

Is the advntr case for the Galaxy S22 ultra worth it?

The ADVNTR case for the Galaxy S22 Ultra is as rugged as they come. This case is an easy 5 out of 5, and I cannot recommend it enough. It was absolutely worth the wait. If you want the best, accept no substitutes - buy a Juggernaut. GREAT PRODUCT. I left my Samsung S21 ULTRA with the Juggernaut case on the hood of my truck.

Is the Galaxy S22 Ultra the same as the Galaxy Note?

Part of Samsung’s new S22 lineup, but looking nothing like its siblings, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is to the casual observer a Galaxy Note in a shiny, new coat.

Is the Galaxy S22 Ultra a fish?

The curved edges make the Galaxy S22 Ultra comfortable to hold, but the lack of edges also makes it feel slippery as a fish – albeit a fish made of hard glass and metal. There are two flat surfaces, on the top and bottom of the device. The top plane is a mostly unbroken slab of metal, with one tiny drill-through hole for a microphone.

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