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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Juggernaut edition included in Game Pass?

Yes, Juggernaut Edition is included in Game Pass for both Xbox One and PC. Q.) I already own State of Decay 2. Will I have to re-purchase if I want to own the game on Epic Games Store or Steam? A.) If you also wish to own the game through the Epic Games Store or Steam, you will need to purchase it again there. Q.)

What is state of Decay 2 Juggernaut edition?

Today, we are thrilled to announce State of Decay 2: Juggernaut Edition, an expanded and improved version that takes everything you love about State of Decay 2 and adds tons of new content and improvements for veteran and new players alike.

What's new in Juggernaut?

Launching September 1, the Homecoming update is included with Juggernaut edition and adds plague territories and upgraded outposts to all core maps. Play with a new category of heavy melee weapons with new moves to bust zombie heads. Get all three add-on packs released to date: Heartland, Daybreak Pack, and Independence Pack.

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