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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term jurisdiction refer to?

What is Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction is the term that refers to the limits of a legal authority. It can refer to both political territories and geographic regions, as well as the types of legal matters over which a legal body has authority.

What are the four types of jurisdiction?

The three main types of jurisdiction are known as territorial, personal, and subject matter. The geo-political levels of jurisdiction are often divided into regional, state, national, and international levels. Determining jurisdiction helps define how a case shall be tried, and at what level of the courts.

What are some examples of jurisdiction?

In most jurisdictions, other trial courts of special jurisdiction exist apart from the courts of general jurisdiction; some examples are probate, tax, traffic, juvenile, and, in some cities, drug courts. At the federal level, the district courts are courts of general jurisdiction.

Which best defines the term jurisdiction?

Complete jurisdiction refers to a court's power to decide matters presented to it and to enforce its decisions. Jurisdiction is a legal term that means the court has authority over the parties and an interest in governing the manner.

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