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Frequently Asked Questions

What justifies self defense?

Self-defense is justifiable in court when the accused did not attack the person that harmed them first, did not employ more force than was reasonably necessary to avoid being harmed or injured any further and they believed that using force was necessary to avert or stop the danger.

What is the process of justification?

Justification is the process whereby a mind becomes blinded to certain thoughts or awareness or points of view. It is also the process that creates motivation. Therefore, Justification can be either a good or bad thing, depending upon its effectiveness in avoiding troubles.

What is an example of an excuse defense?

An excuse defense is when a defendant claims that their mental ability was impaired, therefore should not be held responsible for the crime. Examples of an excuse defense are: intoxication, age, entrapment, and self-defense. Intoxication is generally not a defense. In some cases though; it can be an excuse.

What is an example of a specific defense?

Whereas only vertebrates have specific immune responses, all animals have some type of nonspecific defense. Examples of nonspecific defenses include physical barriers, protein defenses, cellular defenses, inflammation, and fever.

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