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Frequently Asked Questions

How many seasons are in Kamisama Kiss?

Kamisama Kiss or, as originally titled, Kamisama Hajimemashita, is a rather popular anime series. With its first season premiered in 2012, it has 25 episodes of two seasons released by now. The fans are eager for more.

How old is Tomoe in Kamisama Kiss?

Trivia In the manga, Tomoe is seen wearing fancy kimonos with butterfly patterns, but in the anime, he is seen wearing regular kimonos (some of which are adorned with flower patterns). Tomoe is actually over 628 years old.

Is Kamisama Kiss over?

The Kamisama Kiss anime and manga ended quite a while back, but there's still hope among the franchise's most diehard fans that the show will return. By Timothy Donohoo Published Jul 26, 2021

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