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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kent State known for?

Kent State, with its eight-campus system in Northeast Ohio, serves the state and nation with excellence through more than 50 master’s programs in more than 100 areas of specialization, as well as 23 doctoral programs with more than 50 specializations. University College helps students achieve academic success...

What is the history of Kent?

History. Kent was traditionally partitioned into East and West Kent, and into lathes and hundreds. The traditional border of East and West Kent was the county's main river, the Medway. Men and women from east of the Medway are Men (or Maids) of Kent, those from the west are Kentishmen or Kentish Maids.

What is the population of Kent?

Kent 1 Ranked 10th of 48 Population (mid-2019 est.) 1,846,478 2 Ranked 5th of 48 Density 494/km 2 (1,280/sq mi) Ethnicity 96% White British Non-metropolitan county County council Kent County Council Executive Conservative Admin HQ Maidstone Area 3,544 km 2 ... 3 Ranked 8th of 26 Population 1,581,555 4 Ranked

What is the Kent Division?

The division also expands into offshore wind, hydrogen, CCUS and low carbon solutions through the expertise of the former Atkins business. And Kent is born through the strength of Kentech, SNC-Lavalin Oil & Gas (including Offshore Wind, Hydrogen, CCUS and low carbon solutions from the former Atkins business), Kentz and Houston Offshore Engineering.

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