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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a kerosene stove run on diesel fuel?

Several multi-fuel stoves that will run white gas and kerosene will not run diesel, however, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s approved fuel types before you find yourself twenty miles from the nearest road with a fuel you can’t use. Consider this a fuel of last resort.

Can I use white gas instead of kerosene in my Stove?

I'd say, depends on where you're using it. White gas isn't as available outside the US as kerosene. Can be had in some hardware stores south of the border. In a pinch, I've burned unleaded gas in my white gas stove (and surprisingly well).

Can you burn gas in a white gas stove?

As stated above, most stoves capable of burning white gas can also burn gasoline, but this fuel has some downsides of which you’ll want to beware. Gasoline contains additives designed to make car engines run smoother, but these additives can harm the seals in your stove’s pump and fuel line, making them harder and more prone to leaking.

How volatile is white gas compared to kerosene?

I understand kerosene is less volatile, but if it spills it creates a mess and stinks, whereas white gas is very volatile but if it spills evaporates quickly and doesn't really smell. How volatile is white gas really? Anyone had any bad experiences with it?

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