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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Eat restaurant Chicken Wings on keto?

When you’re on a keto diet, you typically avoid wheat, starch, sugars, and sugary fruit, but some berries are ok – which means deep frying, breaded chicken wings are a big no-no. But air fried wings without breading are a great option for the keto diet.

Can I eat curry on keto?

You can eat curry on a keto diet – but it’s got to be this keto curry recipe! 😉 Because there are so many different curry recipes and styles, it definitely depends on the recipe. Many curries are made with higher carb vegetables like potatoes and peas, which are definitely not low carb or keto friendly.

Is chicken salad keto friendly?

This chicken salad is keto friendly because every ingredient was intentionally selected for its low carb macronutrient profile. Meat doesn’t have any carbs, which is why there’s plenty of chicken and bacon. The other ingredients, like avocado, cheddar cheese, scallions, celery, and dressing, are all very low in carbs.

Can I eat Kentucky Fried Chicken on a keto diet?

Traditional fried chicken is not keto friendly and is allowed on a keto diet. Traditional fried chicken is breaded in some form of flour mixture that almost certainly is packed full of carbs, which means fried chicken is not keto friendly. For example, just one Kentucky Fried Chicken Orginal Recipe Chicken Breast has a whopping 13 carbs!

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