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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Kohler engine?

Kohler Engines. Kohler manufactures small engines for several types of commercial and residential power equipment, including riding mowers, walk-behind mowers, zero turns, pressure washers, and much more. We carry engines from their Command PRO series, Courage PRO series, as well as new Kohler diesel engines.

Which oil filters have check valves?

An anti-drainback valve is a check valve that prevents oil from flowing out of the filter when the engine is stopped. It is very similar to a check-valve that may be used in a well to keep the water from falling back down the pipe when the pump is turned off.

What is an oil filter wrench?

An oil-filter wrench is a tool for removing spin-on type oil filters. These filters are smooth, cylindrical canisters with knurling on the bottom that are difficult to grip, especially when they are oily. One common type of wrench is shown on the right.

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