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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EFI engine work?

Electronic fuel injection (EFI) Electronic fuel injection allows for extremely precise control over how much fuel is sprayed into the cylinders. It follows a fairly straightforward process to do so: The fuel exits the fuel tank via the fuel pump. It travels through fuel lines towards the engine.

What is EFI for engine?

EFI stands for electronic fuel injection, which is the engine system used in most cars today. It is a technology upgrade over older cars, which used clunkier, less efficient carburetor systems used by yesterday’s hot rods. EFI engine systems are controlled by a digital computer, which adds many features carburetor systems didn’t have.

What is a Kohler engine?

Kohler Engines. Kohler manufactures small engines for several types of commercial and residential power equipment, including riding mowers, walk-behind mowers, zero turns, pressure washers, and much more. We carry engines from their Command PRO series, Courage PRO series, as well as new Kohler diesel engines.

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