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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check the status of my Kohler Generator?

You can! With the KOHLER OnCue® Plus Generator Management System, you can check the status of your generator, start or stop an exercise, check the oil temperature, contact your dealer, and so much more. Explore all of the capabilities here.

How do I monitor my Kohler Power System?

Use a computer and/or mobile device to monitor your KOHLER power system from any location in the world with internet access Monitor your complete KOHLER generator, including the generator, RXT automatic transfer switch, and load control module (lcm)

Can I use my Kohler controller with OnCue plus?

*Requires the Programmable Interface Module, which can be purchased with your KOHLER generator If your controller is model RDC 2.4 and has installed firmware 2.0.5 or greater the following features are accessible in OnCue Plus -Ability to change Next Exercise Time on controller via app (inside of exercise card details)

What does the Kohler controller actually do?

For all the hype, it does almost nothing except allow you to start and stop the generator. You cannot change your exercise times, or much of anything else. Kohler would not give me the MAC number of the controller so that it would run securely behind my router's MAC filtering.

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