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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a replacement toilet seat for a Kohler® toilet?

Having trouble finding a new replacement toilet seat for your two-piece Kohler ® toilet? Your troubles are over with the many options available from ®. Whether you need a round seat or an elongated style, we have the most popular styles and more! "Will-fit" replacement toilet seat for Kohler.

Will the Alesio II toilet seat fit my Kohler toilet?

"Will-fit" replacement toilet seat for Kohler. Fits most round and elongated toilets (verify dimensions below) Want to use the Alesio II seat with your 1-pc Kohler toilet? You may need a Hardware Kit for 1-pc Toilets = $5.19 Please Note: If your 1-pc toilet is missing the seat mounting anchors we offer this Anchor Kit = $51.76

Can a toilet seat be too short?

As long as the toilet seat fits securely onto the rim of your toilet bowl without too much overlap, the seat should work for your toilet. If the seat is too short and there is exposed porcelain, most likely the wrong style was ordered and you may need an elongated seat.

Will my old toilet seat fit my new toilet?

We recommend measuring your old seat or your toilet bowl and comparing the dimensions to those listed prior to ordering. If the measurements are within 1/2" of each other, the desired seat will most likely work for your toilet model.

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