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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kohler make toilets?

Toilets are one of the products that Kohler is most well known for manufacturing. Kohler has made a variety of different toilets over the years. Kohler makes some urinals as well. Kohler also makes toilet seats. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What is Kohler known for?

The company also does artistic custom work, such as hand-painted sinks and toilets. In 2015 Kohler was named by Builder magazine as the "most used" and "best quality" in the "Bath Accessories" category as well as the top spot for "brand familiarity", "most used" and "quality rating" in the "Bath Fixtures" and "Whirlpool Baths" categories.

Is Sterling Plumbing the same as Kohler?

Sterling Plumbing is the brand-name of a line of plumbing products manufactured by Kohler Co. The company designs and manufactures a diverse selection of product for the bath, including whirlpool tubs, sinks, toilets, shower doors and bathroom accessories.

What is the Kohler Konnect product line?

At CES 2018 Kohler unveiled a new product line called Kohler Konnect, consisting of smart connected plumbing fixtures including bathtubs, mirrors, shower heads, toilets, and shower valves.

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