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Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Mortal Kombat fight to the death?

A Mortal Kombat fight to the death!....with poop. He's on a mission, to find the Kamidogu. Even Ryu's adventure made mistakes! Alvin and Brooklyn have a Mortal Kombat duel with a difference. Classic wrestling fans will appreciate this MK spoof!

Is Mortal Kombat the most violent game of Your Generation?

Mortal Kombat is definitely one of the most violent games of my generation, and was very refreshing during a time when the web wasn't around to corrupt America's youth. This page is chock-full of great MK parodies and tributes!

Is Ryu in Mortal Kombat outtakes?

From the creator of MK: OUTTAKES, one more character with four spoofs! Ryu takes on the Mortal Kombat World! MK AND SUPER SMASH BROS BRAWL PARODY!

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