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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ClickHouse operator for Kubernetes provide?

The ClickHouse Operator for Kubernetes currently provides the following: Creates ClickHouse clusters based on Custom Resource specification provided Customized storage provisioning (VolumeClaim templates)

How to install ClickHouse operator in kubesphere web console?

Log in to the KubeSphere Web console as admin, and use Kubectl from the Toolbox in the bottom-right corner to run the following command to install ClickHouse Operator. It is recommended that you have at least two worker nodes available in your cluster. This command will install ClickHouse Operator in the namespace kube-system.

What is ClickHouse operator?

ClickHouse Operator creates, configures and manages ClickHouse clusters running on Kubernetes.

How to access ClickHouse cluster in Linux?

Run the following command to access the ClickHouse cluster, and then you can use command like show databases to interact with it. In the above command, chi-clickho-749j8s-all-nodes-0-0-0 is the Pod name and you can find it in Pods under Application Workloads.

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