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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kubernetes support auto-scaling now?

Kubernetes supports service discovery, load balancing, resource tracking, app recovery, and metric-based auto scaling. Kubernetes is an open source project. You can use it to run your containerized applications without changing the toolsets you use.

Can Kubernetes cluster share windows and Linux nodes?

A single heterogeneous Kubernetes cluster can have both Windows and Linux worker nodes. Windows containers have to be scheduled on Windows nodes and Linux containers on Linux nodes. Information on the different Windows Server servicing channels including their support models can be found at Windows Server servicing channels.

What is 'endpoint' in Kubernetes?

The 'endpoint' object in terms of Kubernetes is the list of addresses (ip and port) of endpoints that implement a Service. Talking about in general, as a user you do not need to know much about them, they are automatically created when a Service is created, and configured with the pods matching the selector of the Service.

What is the cluster IP in Kubernetes?

^ ClusterIP. ClusterIP is the default Service type in Kubernetes. ... NodePort. NodePort exposes the Service on each Node's IP at a static port (the NodePort). ... LoadBalancer. The LoadBalancer Service is a standard way for exposing our Nodes to the outside world or the internet.

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