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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Kubernetes watches?

To address those issues, Kubernetes has the concept of Watches, which is available for all resource collection API calls through the watch query parameter. When its value is false or omitted, the GET operation behaves as usual: the server processes the request and returns a list of resource instances that match the given criteria.

How do I create a watch in Java Kubernetes API?

The Java Kubernetes API support Watches through the Watch class, which has a single static method: createWatch. This method takes three arguments: An ApiClient, which handles actual REST calls to the Kubernetes API server A Call instance describing the resource collection to watch

What is a client library in Kubernetes?

Client libraries often handle common tasks such as authentication for you. Most client libraries can discover and use the Kubernetes Service Account to authenticate if the API client is running inside the Kubernetes cluster, or can understand the kubeconfig file format to read the credentials and the API Server address.

Why does Kubernetes call a GET request as a watch query?

If you sent an HTTP GET request with the ?watch query parameter, Kubernetes calls this a watch and not a get (see Efficient detection of changes for more details). For PUT requests, Kubernetes internally classifies these as either create or update based on the state of the existing object.

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