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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you define Kubernetes services?

A Kubernetes service is a set of pods that work together, such as one tier of a multi-tier application. The set of pods that constitute a service are defined by a label selector.

What is a 'endpoint' in Kubernetes?

In Kubernetes there is a kind of object called "Endpoints ", that is the list of addresses (ip and port) of endpoints that implement a Service. A Service can be configured without a selector, in that case Kubernetes doesn't create an associated Endpoints object and it can be manually created with any set of endpoints.

What is the cluster IP in Kubernetes?

^ ClusterIP. ClusterIP is the default Service type in Kubernetes. ... NodePort. NodePort exposes the Service on each Node's IP at a static port (the NodePort). ... LoadBalancer. The LoadBalancer Service is a standard way for exposing our Nodes to the outside world or the internet.

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