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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lacey Chabert’s ‘Christmas at Castle Hart’ Hallmark movie happening this year?

Hallmark star Lacey Chabert is filming a castle-themed movie for Christmas this year. The movie is shooting in Europe this month. Hallmark hasn’t officially announced the movie yet. The movie was originally referred to as “Christmas at Castle Leslie” and now it’s being called “Christmas at Castle Hart.”

What happened to Lacey Chabert’s sister?

Hallmark star Lacey Chabert shared a new post about her sister, Wendy, who died just before Thanksgiving. She wrote about her on Christmas Eve, which she said was a day her sister really loved.

Who is Lacey Chabert?

Single mother and fashion designer Lacey Chabert returns with her daughter to Silver Falls, Ohio. There are the usual crises, including Ms. Carey's evil PTA mom and Brennan Elliott as the music teacher who has had a crush on her since high school.

What Hallmark Movies has Jennifer Chabert been in this year?

Last year, Chabert starred opposite Will Kemp in “Christmas Waltz,” one of the most successful movies for Hallmark that year, along with “Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas.” She also starred in “Sweet Carolina” for Hallmark this year, along with a new installment of “The Crossword Mysteries.”

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