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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Lakeside animal hospital?

Welcome to Lakeside Animal Hospital. Our expertise and passion for veterinary medicine and the animals we serve is equaled only by our devotion to you, our pet owners. When you’re searching for an animal hospital near you, consider us.

Why choose livelakeside animal hospital Odessa?

Lakeside Animal Hospital partners with you to keep your furry family happy & healthy. Our veterinarians have served the Odessa community since 2001. Pets Make Our Lives Better… Let’s Return the Favor.

Where is Our Pet Hospital located?

We’re located just north of Bayshore Towne Center and right off of Highway 43. Our pet hospital has been here over 80 years, allowing us to serve generation after generation of your family’s pets. We’re proud to have four full-time veterinarians on staff, providing a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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