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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lakeside Church?

“Lakeside Church is a beautiful and welcoming place where people of all ages can connect with each other, grow in friendships, and contribute to the community by serving others and making a difference together!” “Thanks to Lakeside’s generosity, Folsom’s Hope is able to serve and love families that have a need above and beyond our normal services.”

Why choose Lakeside?

“Lakeside is a consistent, willing, compassionate, and extraordinarily helpful partner in serving our community. If there’s a need, Lakeside reaches out, and then leans in and steps up. Their service to the community doesn't stop at their property boundaries.”

What is the Lakeside Christmas community offering?

A Place for You. Lakeside's annual Christmas Community Offering is an opportunity outside of your normal giving to bless a specific community need. HART of Folsom is the grateful recipient of this year’s Christmas Offering. Read more HERE about HART and find how this Christmas offering will bless them.

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