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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lane Kiffin still married?

While Kiffin was still married to Layla, his alleged romance with Kristen Saban attracted huge attention in 2015. Kristen is the daughter of the University of Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban. Lane was the offensive coordinator at the University from 2014 until 2016. However, the speculations were never confirmed.

Is Lane Kiffin divorce?

Lane Kiffin, wife Layla getting a divorce. Lane Kiffin and his wife Layla announced on Sunday that they are in the process of getting a divorce. In a statement to Bruce Feldman of FOX Sports, Kiffin said he and Layla made a “mutual” decision and asked that their privacy be respected.

Does Nick Saban have children?

According to the Herald, Saban often mixes football and family. Nick and Terry have two children — 18-year-old Nicholas and 14-year-old Kristen. And if Saban's tenure at the Dolphins is an indication, Alabama's players will hear plenty about his family.

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