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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the lane shark brush cutter work with my tractor?

With 11 cutting positions there's no job the Lane Shark Brush Cutter can't handle. Cut vertically, level with the ground, or 25°, 35°, & 45° Fits most compact or midsize tractors with SSQA or the John Deere 400 & 500 series. Check compatibility here.

What rotary cutter Lane shark bought by Trail Blazer?

Rotary Cutter Lane Shark bought by Trail Blazer under Titan ?? Last year I bought a "Lane Shark" FEL mounted 44" brush cutter, hydraulically driven, runs at many angles, nice for clearing fence rows, overhanging limbs, etc. Great tool. Readily driven by a utility farm tractor and NOT requiring the high flow hydraulics of a skid steer.

Could the lane shark blade carrier have been ribbed?

Could be a very sad drama but who knows the rest of the story. My immediate interest is that the Lane Shark had a heavy piece of small C-channel steel for the blade carrier. The bolts to hold the blades on it are not ribbed and depend on lock nuts to keep the blade bolts in place, yet not be tight on the blades.

Is the TB-one model Trail Blazer the same thing as my lane shark?

The TB-ONE model Trail Blazer FEL mounted cutter is obviously the same thing as my Lane Shark from last year with new paint and a few mechanical changes (mainly the blade carrier and blade mounting.) The new brochure is totally devoid of any phone numbers, manufacturing locations, etc. except for the website (which has none either.)

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