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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the lane shark brush cutter work with my tractor?

With 11 cutting positions there's no job the Lane Shark Brush Cutter can't handle. Cut vertically, level with the ground, or 25°, 35°, & 45° Fits most compact or midsize tractors with SSQA or the John Deere 400 & 500 series. Check compatibility here.

How much will a lane shark cut?

Wanted to let you all know the Lane Shark is one reliable multipurpose cutting beast, heavy duty and can cut up to 4" depending on type of material you are trying to clear. I have been selling and installing these ever since they were introduced, (we are the first Kubota Dealer to ever have them) so we have been on ground floor up.

How big of a limb can a laneshark break off?

One final thought on the LaneShark is that a fifteen foot limb hanging out into the road that is two or three inches around is no problem. A one or two foot limb the same diameter is a little different. The small limb will often just explode when touched by the Lane Shark.

Is the lane shark a clean cut pruning instrument?

The things that I tell everyone about the Lane Shark is that it is not a clean cut pruning instrument as it will leave a jagged cut on the limb stubs that are left on the tree.

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