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Frequently Asked Questions

What conference is Laney College in?

The Laney Eagles compete in the Bay 6 Football Conference, which is governed by the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA). They are led by head coach John Beam, who has won the CCCAA Coach of the Year award.

Why choose Laney College Football?

We firmly believe that education is a vehicle for change. Laney College Football provides Hope, Opportunity and Respect to disenfranchised and marginalized young men of our community, and we stand with you for social justice. Together we can create change.

Where is launchlaney college located?

Laney College is a community college located in Oakland, California, near the Lake Merritt BART station and the Kaiser Convention Center.

What is the history of Laney College?

Laney College traces its history to the Central Trade School by the Oakland Board of the Education in 1927 and the Merritt School of Business (now Merritt College) founded in 1929. The trade school was later renamed Joseph C. Laney Trade and Technical Institute.

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