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Frequently Asked Questions

What women wore in 1860?

These were lace-trimmed, loose trousers that were made of cotton. When women wore hoop skirts, they needed two petticoats, which were clothing items worn over pantalettes. They wore long cotton stocking, held by garters, also under their dresses. This was very casual back in the 1860's.

What was the dress in 1860?

Artistic dress. An "anti-fashion" for Artistic dress spread in the 1860s in literary and artistic circles, and remained an undercurrent for the rest of the century. The style was characterised by " medieval " influences such as juliette sleeves, the soft colors of vegetable dyes, narrow skirts, and simple ornamentation with hand embroidery.

How did teenagers dress in the '60s?

What Did Teenagers Wear in the '60s? Boys' Casual Styles. Around the house, teenage boys of the '60s wore styles similar to what modern-day teens wear. ... Boys' Dressy Styles. Boys did not wear their casual clothes to school for most of the 1960s. ... Girls' Casual Styles. Early in the decade, girls were wearing styles around the house that came into vogue in the late '50s. Girls' Dressy Styles. ...

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