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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GoDaddy facing a consumer fraud class action lawsuit?

Santa Clara, CA: GoDaddy is facing a consumer fraud class action lawsuit over allegations it misrepresents one of its hosting plans.

Why does GoDaddy charge unlawful credit card charges? places unauthorized charges against account holders whose credit card numbers it keeps on file. Through automatic charging of such credits holders, it charges them unlawfully because it knows some of these account holders fail to check their transactions with regularly.

Does GoDaddy provide dedicated server to customers with virtual private servers?

According to the complaint, GoDaddy provides its dedicated server to customers with virtual private servers that may share the resources of a single physical server between multiple users.

What are GoDaddy’s business requirements? must be required to allow its account holders to do business with it manually without having any of their credit card numbers on file. Also, it must allow account holders to move their accounts to other providers free of charge if they feel uncomfortable doing business with

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