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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there a lawsuit against Governor Phil Murphy?

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District court against Governor Phil Murphy, as well as the state’s Commissioners of Health and Education, contends that a mask mandate impedes communication and learning in the classroom, and that it was imposed without due legal process.

Who is the Middletown student who sued the state of NJ?

The lawsuit was filed by 16 New Jersey schoolchildren, ranging from elementary students to high school seniors. The Middletown student is Gabe McMahon, 18, who will be a senior this year at Middletown South.

Will Governor Murphy’s mask mandate be reinstated?

Governor Murphy has left the decision up to individual districts, but also has left open the possibility that such a mandate could be reinstated, depending on CDC guidelines and the state of the pandemic come fall. One of the parents is Kelly Ford, who launched the anti-mask mandate campaign.

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