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Frequently Asked Questions

Can govspend take you to court for not paying cancellation fee?

There is not a single case of GovSpend taking anyone to court for not paying this cancellation fee but there are thousands of companies who have not paid them according to the collections company.

What is your review of govspend?

GovSpend is an amazing system that… GovSpend is an amazing system that revolutionizes government procurement process. Never seen this level of data before. Best new thing I have seen in government procurement in years.

Why not sign a contract with govspend?

He ropes companies into contracts with false promises of prospects that don't exist and then provides nothing but dead leads. Stop! Do not sign a contract with GovSpend

How much did Ben Smith pay to settle the Ripoff Report lawsuit?

Sac_County Iowa Prosecutor Ben Smith pays $750,000 to settle Ripoff Report 1983 civil rights lawsuit.. Federal Judge stops prosecutors abuse of power against ED Magedson Founder of Ripoff Report Ripoff Report Investigates! What the BBB has done to consumers for over 100 years is one of the many reasons why Ripoff Report was created.

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