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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can Whitmer keep after federal judge tosses lawsuit against her?

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is allowed to keep around $4 million donated to her reelection campaign after a federal judge tosses the lawsuit against her.

What is the Whitmer campaign donation lawsuit?

The suit was filed in September to try to block Whitmer from ignoring traditional limits on the size of campaign donations-a move that has allowed her to raise extra millions in the campaign fund for her expected 2022 re-election campaign.

Why is the Michigan Republican party suing Greta Whitmer?

The Michigan Republican Party first filed the lawsuit back in September to prevent Whitmer's reelection campaign from collecting donations exceeding the $7,150 per-person limit, according to the Associated Press.

Is Benson violating the rights of donors to Whitmer?

Weiser argued that by allowing the larger donations, Benson, who is responsible for state election laws, is violating the rights of all Republican donors, including him, who are barred from making similar donations to Whitmer's GOP challengers.

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