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Frequently Asked Questions

Did MLW file an antitrust lawsuit against WWE?

MLW has filed an antitrust lawsuit against WWE. Major League Wrestling (MLW) has filed a federal court antitrust lawsuit against WWE. The case, captioned MLW Media LLC v.

Did WWE pressure third parties to break up with MLW?

The complaint, filed in the Northern District of California, also alleges that WWE pressured third parties to abandon contracts and prospective relationships with MLW. MLW feels WWE’s alleged misconduct included “disrupting every level of MLW’s business, including a major streaming deal for which would have been transformative for the company.”

Is WWE wrongfully depriving its competitors?

“WWE has been wrongfully depriving its competitors of critical opportunities for many years, but its latest conduct has been even more unconscionable,” said MLW President and CEO Court Bauer. Bauer is a former member of WWE’s writing staff.

Did WWE violate MLW by not working with Vice TV?

MLW went on to allege that in early 2021, a then-WWE executive warned Vice TV that WWE owner Vince McMahon was “pissed” that Vice TV was airing MLW programs, and that the budding network should stop working with MLW. Per the complaint, the Vice TV executive responded that WWE’s conduct was “illegal and an antitrust violation.”

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