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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sherpa mini extruder?

This is the Sherpa Mini Extruder, a ground up design developed by Anlin and the team at Annex Engineering. It's a dual geared hobbed filament extruder designed for use with any printer. It features a 50:10 or a 50:8 gear driven design to provide torque while being able to be near silent. You must perform your own tuning to get the best results.

What should I calibrate after changing my Sherpa mini direct drive extruder?

As usual, after changing the extruder, it’s recommended to calibrate E steps and flow rate. Besides that, I also recommend calibrating Pressure Advance and Input Shaper to ensure that you get the most of your new Sherpa Mini Direct Drive extruder setup.

Can the Sherpa mini extruder be installed on the flsun Super racer?

I wanted to try out the Sherpa Mini extruder for a while now, so I installed it on the FLSUN Super Racer. In this article, I will show you how I upgraded my FLSUN Super Racer to Direct Drive, and how I tackled the Sherpa Mini installation.

Is the Sherpa mini worth it on the Super racer effector?

You might think that the Sherpa Mini installed on the Super Racer effector will make it heavy, but in my configuration it sits at ~370 grams which is not that bad. I think it’s worth the weight increase considering the benefits of having a direct drive extruder. Besides that, the added ringing will be fixed with Input Shaper.

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