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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the California city attorneys community?

The California City Attorneys Community is a web-based community for the use of eligible attorneys who represent cities that are members of the League of California Cities (Cal Cities). Eligible users can login or signup to access the Community here.

What is the city attorneys Department?

The City Attorneys Department is comprised of the attorneys that represent Cal Cities’ member cities. The department president is generally responsible for the department’s work, assisted by the first vice president, second vice president, and department representative on the Cal Cities Board of Directors.

What is the League of California cities?

Together, with our members, Cal Cities delivers major victories for cities year after year – protecting local control, securing billions of dollars in new funding, and preserving existing city resources. Preparing for the League of California Cities Annual Conference and Expo is key to creating a valuable and memorable experience.

What does Cal cities represent?

Cal Cities represents nearly every city and town in California. Need to contact a specific member of Cal Cities or department? Help create an equitable, prosperous California for all Californians.

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