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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pre assessment in teaching and learning?

Pre-assessment is an action or strategy at the start of instruction that displays student’s incoming knowledge and skills and in turn informs teaching and learning. It can occur at the start of a lesson, the beginning of a unit, or the introduction of a new idea, concept or skill.

What is the assessment cycle?

The Assessment Cycle Observing and collecting factsis the first of the four steps in the cycle. A teacher’s daily job involves continual observations of children.

What is the purpose of the learning cycle?

It places focus on a series of steps that encourage a more thorough understanding and a deeper application of content. It also pushes students toward inquiry and discovery in their learning. The learning cycle gives teachers a process for instruction, while giving students a formula for learning.

What are the steps in teaching and learning cycle?

(The cycle repeats.) 1 Instruct. 2 Observe. Observe children in various situations. 3 Document, Reflect. Record while observing or as soon as possible. 4 Analyze, Evaluate. Study the data with assessment tools. ... 5 Summarize, Plan, and Communicate. This informs a child’s specific needs and future curriculum. 6 Instruct. (The cycle repeats.)

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