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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eLearning Without Tears?

Learning Without Tears provides solutions to develop the foundation skills your students need to become successful communicators. Reimagine Handwriting. Try our NEW digital teaching platform for no-prep handwriting instruction with animations, digital letter formations, and more.

Can you learn Handwriting Without Tears?

The answer is YES!! All you need is some good handwriting books and you are good to go! Learning Without Tears, also known as Handwriting Without Tears makes handwriting for kids so much more fun with multi-sensory activities that encourage a child to learn through a multitude of ways.

Is HIIT training good for beginners?

HIIT training is great for all levels. It will be especially effective for beginners. You will see results quickly and they will be noticeable. So, just because you are a beginner to working out, you should still employ HIIT into your workout plan (2-3 times a week).

What is the best book for Learning Without Tears for kindergarten?

Learning Without Tears has reformulated their books, so if purchasing in and after 2018 the equivalent to this book is the Kick Start Kindergarten book. This is my FAVORITE book. It had the right combination of alphabet letter practice and then moved into writing words.

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