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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Leela's?

Leela’s take pride in the entirety of its menu. Leela's is a family run establishment who is dedicated towards our Mission of providing our Great Naniji’s fireside Trinidadian cooking and culinary experience. Order Now! Peleau served with potato salad or macaroni pie.

Is there a Leela's in Mississauga?

Apparently, the original location for Leela's is in Mississauga. Decided to try this place as we noticed it was new and had recently opened. There is currently a grand opening special - 7$ for roti (various meats) and you get a free double! The woman packing my food seemed pleasant.

What is Leela's hair color and bones?

The name of Leela's hair color is actually called leela (a dark shade of purple). In Leela's debut, it is shown that she can be easily annoyed by people who are put off by her one eye. Leela has 205 bones (a normal human has 206) in her body. (" Fry Am The Egg Man ".).

Where does Leela live in one eye?

Leela lives alone in a small unfurnished apartment, "1I" (one eye) in New New York City. She was named Orphan of the Year in 3000 and for a short while, Miss Universe. Due to an accident, she and Kif Kroker have several children together, though Amy Wong, as Kif's " Fonfon Ru ", is considered the mother.

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