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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of mild left atrial enlargement?

Atrial fibrillation. This is associated with increased mortality and has been listed as both a cause and complication of left atrial enlargement. ...Stroke. In a study of older people, an increase in left atrium size was found to be independently predictive of a first ischemic stroke. ...Congestive heart failure. ...

What does dilated left atrium mean?

Thank you for posting your query. A moderately dilated left atrium means, you could be having a mitral valvular heart disease. It could be a obstructive type ( Mitral stenosis) or regurgitant type ( Mitral regurgitation ). Your condition is not severe enough to cause noticeable symptoms.

What is the definition of left atrium?

The left atrium is the most posterior of the heart structures with its most immediate posterior relation being the esophagus and then the spine and and aorta. It is the most central of all the chambers but sometimes lies just left of midlene.

What does enlarged left atrium mean?

Too much pressure or too much blood volume can both cause the left atrium to become bigger, which causes left atrial enlargement (LAE). The increased pressure or volume is caused by an underlying cardiovascular condition—discovering that someone has LAE should initiate the search for the condition that is causing it.

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