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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lenovo partner hub?

Designed for partners across both Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group’s PCs & Smart Devices (PCSD) and the Data Center Group (DCG), Lenovo Partner Hub provides a single access point to tools, resources and intelligent, personalized information that is most relevant to the partner’s needs, geographic markets and past history.

What is Lenovo's Platinum Partner status?

“We were the first partner in the Benelux region to be awarded Platinum Partner status, which is great recognition of the trust, value, and mutual respect Lenovo and Core ICT have for each other.” “Working closely with Lenovo and from a lead they brought to us, we recently closed a deal worth £400,000.

What is Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group?

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group provides you and your customers with Smart Infrastructure Solutions from Cloud to Edge, Analytics & AI and Everything as a Service. Our partners can trust our reliable, open-choice solutions that are anchored in the future and designed to meet the needs of any organisation. Partner today. Profit tomorrow.

How can I keep track of my Lenovo products and orders?

We've built a new experience allowing you to keep track of your Lenovo products and orders all in one place. Plus, access your MyLenovo Rewards when you join the FREE program. You can store addresses, easily keep track of your orders and save items in your cart for later.

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