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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the letters of Pliny in Book 10 addressed to?

The letters of Book 10 are addressed to or from the Emperor Trajan in their entirety, during the time Pliny was employed as governor of the distant Roman province of Bithynia (around 109 to 111 CE), and it is generally assumed that we have received them verbatim.

What are the Epistulae of Pliny?

The Epistulae are a series of personal missives by Pliny the Younger directed to his friends and associates. These letters are a unique testimony of Roman administrative history and everyday life in the 1st century.

Why did Pliny write his two letters about the eruption?

Pliny's two letters regarding the eruption were written to the historian Tacitus, a close friend, who had requested from Pliny a detailed account of his uncle's death for inclusion in his own historical work. Vulcanologists call the type of eruption that Pliny described "Plinian" .

What is the style of Pliny the Elder?

The style is very different from that in the Panegyricus, and some commentators maintain that Pliny initiated a new genre: the letter written for publication. This genre offers a different type of record than the more usual history; one that dispenses with objectivity but is no less valuable for it.

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