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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your review of letters to Juliet?

Letters to Juliet is my first read by Lise Friedman. I recently watched the movie and loved it. It's a breathtaking story for love and loss. The movie has a different twist than the book. The book explores more of the world of Juilet's letters and how they came to be.

What is a letter to Juliet Verona?

Every day, letters, frequently addressed simply, “Juliet, Verona,” arrive in the city. They come by the truckload, in almost every language imaginable, written by romantics seeking Juliet’s counsel. Most of the missive The enduring legend of Shakespeare’s pair of star-crossed lovers draws millions of visitors to Verona, Italy, each year.

Who was the first person to respond to Juliet's Letters?

Letters, mostly love-related, addressed to the Shakespeare heroine, Juliet. First was just businessman Solimani who took fancy in responding to letters left in Juliet's tomb in Verona. He was the custodian of Juliet's (make-believe) tomb.

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