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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in letters to Juliet?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Letters to Juliet is a 2010 American romantic drama film starring Amanda Seyfried, Christopher Egan, Vanessa Redgrave, Gael García Bernal and Franco Nero. This was the final film of director Gary Winick. The film was released theatrically in North America and other countries on May 14, 2010.

Where does letters to Juliet take place?

For those who aren’t familiar with the film, Letters to Juliet chronicles the journey of Sophie Hall, a fact checker living in New York. To make the film that much sweeter, the film is set in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Italy.

Is there a real letter box in letters to Juliet?

A ‘fake’ brick wall was added to the film set of Casa di Giulietta when filming Letters to Juliet. This was where all of the letters were deposited in Amanda Seyfried’s scenes. In real life, there is a small red letterbox where you can deposit notes to the Secretaries of Juliet (yes, just like in the film).

Is there a letter to Juliet in I Love You?

I Love You An American girl on vacation in Italy finds an unanswered "letter to Juliet" -- one of thousands of missives left at the fictional lover's Verona courtyard, which are typically answered by the "secretaries of Juliet" -- and she goes on a quest to find the lovers referenced in the letter. — Anonymous

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