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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lexan MR-10 sheet?

Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 sheet combines the impact strength of polycarbonate sheet with a new, highly abrasion-resistant surface that approaches glass in performance. Lexan Polycarbonate MR-10 sheet is the only polycarbonate sheet backed by a manufacturer's warranty against abrasion, coating failure and breakage.

What kind of warranty does Lexan MR10 have?

Lexan™ MR10 Sheet with Margard™ II Coating. As a result, Lexan™ MR10 is accompanied by extended warranties that are your assurance of long term product performance; 10 year prorated replacement warranty against breakage, yellowing, abrasion, loss of light transmission and coating delamination.

What are the different types of Lexan scratch proof Margard grade sheets?

Types of Lexan Scratch Proof Margard Grade Sheets 1 LEXAN™ MARGARD TM sheet – 2 side coated MR 10, MRX 2 LEXAN™ MARGARD TM sheet – 1 side coated MR51, MR101LG, 3 LEXAN™ MARGARD TM sheet – high 0Q 1 side coated – HLG5, HLGA3 4 Formable LEXAN™ MARGAEDTM sheet – FMR5XT, CTGXTAF, MRFAF

Are lexlexan sheets impact resistant?

Lexan™ Polycarbonate Scratch Proof Margard Grade Sheets Polycarbonate Scratch Proof Margard Grade Sheets are 250 times more impact resistant than glass. Because of having 30 times more impact resistance than the acrylic sheets, these are replacing acrylic sheets in many usages.

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